Meet Sandra


Healing requires courage, motivation and responsibility but it is also a liberating and rewarding path to follow. 
We are living in a very challenging times where so much pressure is coming from the society and its infrastructure. To me is  extremely important to be in service, share and create consciousness.
Through the medium of hypnotherapy, meditation, talk therapy and transpersonal coaching.

I will help you to recognize and transmute your fears, your anxieties, dark feelings or anything that is blocking you from accessing your wisdom and your creative life energy, to overcome obstacles related to: 
Anxiety, stress and depression,  sexuality, emotional difficulties, motivation and self-acceptance.

My name is Sandra Martinez. I am a hypnotherapist living in Jackson WY. I graduated from Marisa Peer School in September 2020.


When I first saw what RTT (Rapid Transformation Therapy) could do. I decided to study this method, because I found myself in  a difficult situation with my daughter, and  in my research for helping her I found this kind of therapy.  Now  I’m so thrill that I can share the power of healing that this method can offer.   

My goal is to help the clients to feel better and have a better relationships with themselves first, and then the family, friends, etc.



"Ninety-five percent of who you are at 35 is a set of remembered behaviors, abilities, emotional responses, beliefs, perceptions, and attitudes that function like a subconscious, automated computer program."

Hypnotherapy with Sandra Martinez


Put it very simply, I acknowledge the idea that we are unique individuals with a self-regulating psyche and body connected with a purposive life energy that acts as a guidance within us. The final aim of a therapeutic relationship is to expand our consciousness, checking and balancing the conflicting opposites and become more authentic by connecting with our higher self. 
I begin listening to and exploring your narrative following an eclectic and reflective model of therapeutic inquiry. When we work together with trust and listening, a new energy is created. I am very interested in acknowledging and helping you interpret your subconscious material and not just alleviating your superficial symptoms. Symptoms are often ways that our psyche and body use to find balance, portals to uncover deeper meanings.

The process of therapeutic inquiry goes together with the use of method to alter our state of consciousness. If the conscious mind is a very 
important tool to organize, analyze  and make sense of our reality, on the other hand can stop information helpful to integrate the cause of our distress.


The  process is always conducted in an atmosphere of trust, compassion and safety.

Meet Sandra
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