Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Hypnotehrapy to Stop Smoking

Healthy Lungs Now!

Smoking is one of the hardest habits to break and yet responds incredibly well to hypnosis. You’ve likely tried to quit before: patches, cutting back, cold turkey, chewing gum, throwing your cigarettes away, locking them in the garage but you still smoke. Maybe more than ever.

Fact: You have a pattern that is embedded deep within your neurology that brings you to smoke.

Research shows that smoking is more a behavioral addiction than a chemical addiction. You have that smoke after dinner. Go on smoke breaks several times during the workday because that’s how to take a few minutes away from the grind and chat with your friends outside.

You light up as soon as you hit the 405 and you don’t stop until you pull in the driveway.

These are patterns of behavior and behaviors can change.

With hypnotherapy we teach you how to detach the experience from cigarettes and then create new healthy experience without the desire to reach for a cigarette or your Vape device.

Becoming a non-smoker with healthy behaviors are as close as a phone call. 

It’s as easy as three simple steps! 

Make the decision to become a non-smoker. (non-vaper)”

“Call and schedule a strategy session with Sandra Martinez”

“Begin experiencing new, healthy choices and improved lung function.”

Hypnotherapy with Sandra Martinez

Hypnosis to Stop Smoking
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