Hypnotherapy for PTSD

Hypnotherapy for PTSD

What is PTSD?

PTSD is a relatively new term, recognised as a condition where the individual will experience some of the symptoms of PTSD, as well as additional symptoms. You may be diagnosed with complex PTSD if you repeatedly experience traumatic situations, such as severe neglect, abuse or violence.

Who’s at risk?

While it’s unclear why some people may develop the condition and others will not, there are certain factors thought to affect your chances of developing PTSD. According to the NHS, if you’ve had depression or anxiety you may be more susceptible to developing PTSD after a distressing event.

Other risk factors include having little or no social support after the event, having experienced childhood trauma or if you experience extra stress after the event (the death of a loved one, loss of a job etc.).

How can hypnotherapy help?

Some people have found hypnotherapy a helpful tool to cope better with PTSD symptoms. Hypnotherapy, coupled with EMDR in particular, is thought to be an effective way to process troublesome memories of trauma.

Trauma can cause a person to disconnect from their own internal sense of safety. So, the sooner the emotions are managed, the sooner the person will recover. Hypnotherapy can help you cope with the trauma and learn how to regain a sense of control and normality in your life.

The premise behind hypnotherapy is that is aims to access your unconscious and change the negative thoughts that are holding you back. Using the power of suggestion, hypnotherapy works to promote positive change. The suggestions used will depend on your symptoms and what you wish to gain from your sessions. The hypnotherapist will tailor techniques to you, helping you to manage symptoms and recognise potential triggers, as well as changing the way you react towards them.

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Hypnotherapy for PTSD
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